Delivery Collection

JPN uses the best carriers in the business to make sure your order gets to your on time, occasionally we will confirm ship and delivery time, we are unable to fulfill order due to low product availability. The shipping determines the item delivers to your door step. Our ship delivery service of our company is transport of ships on own keel by own power, for which we are able to quote you attractive "all-in" lump-sum prices, including gasoil, food, travelling cost, sea-charts, port-charges and of course all cost for experienced "ship-delivery" crews. Deliveries will be carried out by our most experienced and reliable crew. After delivery of your vessel our crew will be even available for “on board training” or deployment. Quotations, proposals and (safe) routes will be carefully made by managers and captains with a long term experience in the business. For enquiries or information about “ship deliveries on own Keel” please feel free to communicate with us and we will surely be glad to answer all your questions.