Help and FAQ

Frequently asked questions we dispatch your order using fastway you have been given tracking information with your order confirmation to enable you to check the status, In the event that you to pay for shipping on your purchase, rest assured, we work hard everyday to bring you the lowest possible shipping cost. The domestic and international shipping deliver & sales help/faq in UK.

  • 1. Can JPN shipping come and pack my cargo?
  • 2. What is door to door service?
  • 3. What is door to port service?
  • 4. What are the cost of import clearance?
  • 5. How do I book a delivery of cartons?
  • 6. Can I cancel an order after its is submitted?

We deliver empty cartons, for which you will need to pay a deposit at the time of delivery, but we will not pack small boxes of packed, securely sealed and labeled them we will come and collect them.

This service supply chain, delivering goods from overseas directly to your desired destination. JPN shipments can clear customs while still in the air enabling delivery by the end of the next possible business day, saving your time and money.

  • Integrated service include carton labeling, freight transportation and package delivery.
  • Stream lines process by eliminating issues with multiple carrier bills.

Door to port service is an efficient and cost effective way of JPN shipping goods internationally. It can delivered customs and collect your goods, there is also customs paperwork involved our agents. This includes customs clearance, local port charges, agency fee local handling charges, customs duty and taxes.

Please follow the link to our import service.

Please send us an email or contact us by telephone to arrange a delivery of cartons. One of the day of delivery it will deposit depending on the number of boxes delivered and will issue you with a receipt.

Yes, we do I accept cancellations of orders, it should be done 48 hours before delivery is to take place.